Convert My Commercial Mortgage Website To A WordPress Site

Should I convert my iReadySites commercial mortgage website to a WordPress site?

It’s your decision to have your website on any platform, environment or technology you like.

But if you’ve been told WordPress websites bring better search engine results, host your website on a dedicated IP address. Purchase and install a SSL certificate to make your website traffic secure. Just choose a suitable SSL plan and your hosting company would do this for you. And it won’t be expensive at all. This would greatly help your website rankings on all major search engines especially Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

And then iReadySites team can install a WordPress blog (with matching free theme) on top of your current website for regular blog posts.

Contact us if you have any question or concerns.

Ideal Resolution for Mortgage Websites Images

Q. What size and quality do I need for my mortgage website images and what’s the best place to get them?

Ans: Size (i.e. height and width) depends on the usage, if an image is suppose to cover entire width of the browser window then the larger the better.

Resolution is measured in term of dpi. DPI stands for ‘dots per inch’. Broadly, the higher the DPI, the more information there is in an image, so the more detail you can see and the sharper it looks.

Technically speaking, ‘dots per inch’ should be used when discussing printed output, and ‘pixels per inch’ is for displays and digital images, but the concepts are all so closely related that they are used interchangeably.

For images on screen, mostly 72 or 96 pixels per inch (ppi) is used as resolution. If an image is less than 72 dpi/ppi, it will appear fuzzy (what we call pixelated). In fact as the technology is moving forward ppi is increasing even for screens. Most new Apple devices have ‘Retina’ screens which have a higher pixel density of between 200 and 400 ppi, as opposed to the 72-96 ppi that is typical for conventional monitors.

Coming to the second part of question, Google “Royalty Free Stock Photos” to get a long list of reliable and affordable image providers. And, yes, of course there are some great free sites too like PixaBay and Unsplash.

How To Upload YouTube Videos On Your Mortgage Website

Before you upload YouTube videos to your mortgage website, make sure they are either “Public” or “Listed“, Private videos won’t be available to general public visiting your website. Here is an extract from Google/YouTube help page:


Another page about private videos:

So the first step would be to update your video settings. Once this is done, get the video sharing code from

Then login to WMC, load the page that you want to edit:
Click “Source” as shown in the image, this will bring a screen with page source/HTML code:

Place your mouse where you want the video to appear, paste the video code (that you copied from, and click “Save”, that is all you need to do.

In the above example video will show up between ABOUT US and paragraph that starts with “If you are looking for the best mortgage rates….”

Residential Mortgage Website Setup At iReadySites

The residential mortgage website setup process at is quit simple:

If you are still unsure about anything, please visit Our sales staff is available online right now to attend all you queries and concerns.

Mortgage Website Packages – FAQs

Is the price for mortgage premium website $23/month or 35?

There are three options available for Premium package:

  • Annual: It’s $35 per month, but paid yearly i.e. 12 * 35 = $420
  • Biennial: This is $23 per month, paid every 2 years, i.e. 24 * 23 = $552
  • One Time Self Hosted: Here you pay a one time cost of $597. This suits client’s who already have hosting and don’t want to use our free hosting service.


Welcome to our new website which has just gone live! We hope you like it! It has been created to be easier for loan officers, mortgage brokers and lenders to navigate their way around to quickly find out the information that they need, whether that is how to choose a mortgage website template or look for the key features they need for the new website.

We have added lots of new features to showcase just how fantastic our website solution is and the new site is also responsive so it is mobile phone and tablet friendly.

And as far as the website solution goes, basically everything has been updated to cater the needs of modern day mortgage professionals. All the residential, commercial and reverse mortgage website designs are now mobile friendly, default content have been updated to match the challenging market needs. Online forms and applications have been revamped to capture leads effortlessly and efficiently.

There are twenty two new designs have been included, all of these are responsive and based on famous bootstrap framework.

We will be adding more templates and further information to the site over the coming months and we would welcome your feedback if you think there is anything that we are missing or if we can make further improvements.

To your mortgage success!

Mortgage Website Hosting – FAQ

Q: What you mean self hosted solution?

Ans: It means if you don’t want to use our FREE hosting, we will install the website on your own hosting account. It’ll be totally independent of us.

Q: I need a commercial mortgage website, have a domain name registered with godaddy. Someone is hosting for us. I do not like the website they designed. What is my option?

Ans: If you decide to go for our sites than you may need to switch hosting. Here are the possible steps:

  1. Signup with one of our recommended hosting company.
  2. Create email accounts there.
  3. Signup with us. Send us complete hosting login details (for both old and the new hosting). We’ll take the existing contents and will copy them onto your new website (on the pages of your choice).
  4. Once we’ve access to your existing and new hosting account. We’ll download the existing website and than you can change the DNS settings at GoDaddy to point your domain to your new hosting account.
  5. As soon as the DNS changes will take effect, we’ll upload the new website to your new hosting account.

Q: I have a domain name I use on another website how do I change the domain to your site?

Ans: In order to point your existing domain to our hosting service, you would need to change the DNS settings at your domain registrar. The details will be sent to you right after the signup.

But in case you find it difficult you can always send us the access to your domain registrar account, our team will make the necessary settings on your behalf.

More Mortgage Website FAQs

Q. Do you get paid commission from the site?

Ans: We provide websites to the mortgage professionals (loan officers, brokers and lenders….) and they use these to promote their businesses and generate leads. No commission from our side to anyone.

Q. Do you have the ability to make one of the website tabs a designated real estate page since Im a Real estate broker too?

Ans: Yes, we can make a an additional tab/menu, if you provide the contents and there is space available on top. Or we may have to remove/adjust existing menus.

Q. Can I add YouTube to your mortgage web sites?

Ans: If you choose Premium package you can insert any HTML code (including the code to show YouTube videos).

Q. After the design is done, can I make minor changes on it in the future myself?

Ans: Yes, if you choose Premium Package you can make the changes using the online web editor that comes with the website.

Q. Do you have a template for a combined residential/commercial mortgage site?

Ans: Currently we don’t have combo mortgage template/design.

If you are looking for a combo website (residential + commercial), you can choose any template (residential or commercial) and we’ll modify it to cater your needs. Or we can design a totally new template based on your input.

Questions About Templates

Can you upgrade later on and just pay the additional $200?

Yes, you can always upgrade from Professional to Premium by paying the difference.

Which template comes with the professional package?

You can choose any template.

Do I make the changes myself?

Professional websites have .html pages and you would need HTML knowledge along-with some HTML Editor to add/update contents.

Premium websites come with a built-in Content Management System to add/update unlimited website pages using your browser.

FREE Content Update:

We offer a 60 days free content update service (for both packages):

  1. We’ll update text on any of the web pages you like (as many times as required). We’ll need the contents (i.e. text)  in digital format
    (i.e typed text in MS word, Text file or text typed in email). Scanned pages or PDFs won’t do.
  2. We’ll change or insert images on any of the web page. But we’ll need images in digital format (.jpg, .gif, .png or psd format).
  3. We’ll delete existing and/or create upto 10 new web pages. For Premium website there is no limit for new pages.
  4. We’ll insert links to your Facebook or Twitter profile (if needed).

Following are not included in Free content update service:

  1. Creating/designing new online form or application.
  2. Adding or removing fields from existing online forms and applications.
  3. Designing new images for the website.
  4. Design updates to change overall look/layout of the website.
  5. And any other change that is not listed in green above.

What do I actually have to do besides pay for the website?

As we don’t offer hosting, after the signup we’ll need access to your hosting to upload the website. Other than this if you want any changes, please send us the changes in typed format. We’ll do the rest.

Commercial Mortgage FAQs

What is the best price for a pro. com’l website template? i just need a template.

If the above question means, you already have a website (with contents and forms/applications) and just need a design to implement, then first we’ll need to look at your website before giving a realistic time and cost quote.

But if you need a complete commercial mortgage website then the cost is US $ 197 for Pro and US $ 397 for Premium.

So, i have to host with you?

Whether you purchase a pre-designed website from us or we just give a new look to your existing website, you don’t need to host with us. In fact we don’t offer hosting at all, you’ll need your own hosting and we’ll install the website there.

Do u sell the templates for me to use as I wish?

We sell pre-designed websites not templates like what you see on www.template******.com What we provide to commercial mortgage professionals is shown here ( demo site ): Commercial Mortgage Website Demo

And what you see in the above demo site is available in following designs Commercial Mortgage Website Templates

Is your template usable for dynamic, word press type site?

No they are not word press compatible.

They don’t come in graphic formats like PSD etc, so I am afraid your web co won’t be able to use it for your WordPress website.

When you purchase a template from us, you are actually purchasing a complete website with contents, online forms and applications (not just a design as you get on sites like template*******.com).