4 Tips For Lead Generating Commercial Mortgage Websites

Your commercial mortgage website is the first tool that can keep you stand tall among competition, but only if it is built for visitors. Not to satisfy your own personal aesthetic sense. What look good to you may not be the ideal website for general visitor. When you decide to have or design a website, you need to keep the end-use in mind. What he/she needs and how you can make their visit to your website a worth-while experience.

So the first thing is always to have an engaging website. Engaging commercial commercial websites create lasting first impression, give companies credibility and can help generate commercial leads. So how can your capture the interest of your online visitors and increase user engagement amidst this competitive landscape? Here are 5 tips that can get you started:

1) Responsive Web Design (RWD)

It’s a technique or method to design commercial websites so that the website will “respond” to different sizes of device windows (called “viewports”). The ultimate goal is so that with any device, small or large, mouse or touch, the website visitor or user can easily use the website with the same functionality as if it were being viewed on a traditional desktop computer.

A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, videos and CSS3 media queries.

Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.  Therefore, Google announced Mobilegeddon in 2015, and started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device.

2) Focus on SEO:

You cannot generate leads if people can find you! Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can send you valuable traffic. Online loan shoppers normally use search engines when looking for commercial loans, so knowing how you can utilize them for your site’s favor is a good thing.  SEO traffic often converts better than other channels due to the fact that rankings often convey trust from the search engines. And so, it is my strong opinion that if you’re running any online marketing efforts, you focus on SEO too.

The fact of the matter is, organic search is the single most driving source of traffic to most of the commercial mortgage websites. Not to mention, it’s FREE too. It will also introduce your loan company to a whole new set of people. In order to truly realize the most value from SERPs, you must pay careful attention to your search engine optimization efforts.

3) Use Catchy Images And Headings

There’s no shortage of content on the Internet. Every day, millions of blog posts are published. If you’re a commercial loan agent who owns a website and do content marketing, all that content creates a challenge. How can your website stand out?

Images grab attention – As you’ve probably heard before, our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Human beings are visual beings, so showing a striking selection of professional images is pretty much the most straightforward way in selling commercial loans. Indelible, crave-able images have become in high demand in the world of content marketing, and the push for visual content seems to only be getting stronger. Always have a header image for your blog posts.

A striking headline is extremely important to bring the reader in to view an article or advertisement. Catchy headlines can make or break your content. Great headlines give you an edge and convince your audience to read and respond to your copy.  This is a complete topic in itself but in general write a headline that grabs user attention and entice them to read more. Try to use your reader’s “how-to” instinct and/or ask a provocative question in the commercial mortgage loan article headline.

4) Clear & Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

A commercial mortgage website or even a commercial mortgage landing page is incomplete without a clear call to action, a response you want users to complete. But question is how do you encourage users to act? How do you create an effective call to action?

Follow these guidelines to create CTAs that adhere to established best practices. CTAs should be:

  • Visually striking with web page content that compels your visitors to click the offer
  • Brief: A couple of words is best, no more than five is ideal
  • Action-oriented: Begin with a verb like “Start”, “Signup”, “Download” or “Register”
  • Located in an easy-to-find spot on the webpage
  • Good Design: A colorful button that contrasts with the color of the page is a good strategy to get the user’s attention.
  • High Visibility: Because the call to action should be the most noticeable thing on the page, the font size should be large enough to command attention.
  • Easy to understand and clear: Be sure to state exactly what the visitor will get if they click on the CTA.
  • A no-obligation statement that removes or reduces risk. Any type of money-back guarantee or short free trial period helps convince the user that there is little risk in completing the transaction.


Convert My Commercial Mortgage Website To A WordPress Site

Should I convert my iReadySites commercial mortgage website to a WordPress site?

It’s your decision to have your website on any platform, environment or technology you like.

But if you’ve been told WordPress websites bring better search engine results, host your website on a dedicated IP address. Purchase and install a SSL certificate to make your website traffic secure. Just choose a suitable SSL plan and your hosting company would do this for you. And it won’t be expensive at all. This would greatly help your website rankings on all major search engines especially Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

And then iReadySites team can install a WordPress blog (with matching free theme) on top of your current website for regular blog posts.

Contact us if you have any question or concerns.

How To Keep Up To Date on Mortgage Website Technologies

The internet is rapidly evolving, getting bigger and smarter every day. More than just its infrastructure, everything about it is in a state of continuous change. More people joining it every day, new technologies coming up, it has become a global network of people, computers and other machines that is beginning to mediate all human interactions. All of this making it more challenging for developers and designers of mortgage websites as well the loan officers, mortgage agents, brokers, lenders…

Hundreds of thousands of blog posts and articles are published every day, there is no way you can read all of them to learn stuff which is important to you.

True, so what you do? How do you keep yourself updated on new technologies and tools related to residential, commercial and reverse mortgage websites?

As a mortgage professional you are only concerned about what’s really going to effect your niche. And how you can get the maximum out of those new trends to generate mortgage leads. So here is what you should do:

Make a list of top commercial mortgage websites. You may have to be a little careful here, there are companies with established names, they don’t have to have an updated website with all the latest bells and whistles. Look for the ones who are not big but competing with the big bad boys. These will show you what to do. There is no need to re-invent anything, they have already spent thousands of dollars to come up with a winning mortgage website marketing formula to generate leads 24/7, you just need to re-engineer it. Make sure you follow the blueprint and NOT copy stuff.

Once you have the list, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc…) and piggyback their methods to stay ahead of the game.

Follow the same steps for residential mortgage websites, reverse mortgage websites and mortgage landing pages.

How To Update Your Mortgage Website Billing Information On 2Checkout.com?

You can update billing and other information in relation to your mortgage website payment by updating your billing details on 2Checkout.com. However, please note that the updated information will only reflect on your invoice from the next payment cycle. Following tutorial will assist you to change credit card information for website recurring subscription at 2Checkout.com.

Step One:

Go to 2Checkout Billing Update page.

Step Two:

Once you are on the page, you need to locate your order. And for that you have two options:

Search by Credit Card
  • *Order Number – This is your payment transaction number, which was sent to your email address when signed up for your mortgage website at iReadySites.com.
  • *First 6 digits of your Credit Card – Make sure you enter first 6 digits of the current credit card.
  • *Last 2 digits of your Credit Card – Make sure you enter last 2 digits of the current credit card.
Search by Zip Code
  • *Order Number
  • *Zip Code of your Billing Address – Make sure you type exact zip as on your billing address.


Step Three:

Next screen will ask you to provide your new billing information. Enter details exactly as they appear in relation to your credit card and click on Update Billing Method.

This is it, now you have successfully updated your billing information on 2Checkout.com for your mortgage website.

How To Upload YouTube Videos On Your Mortgage Website

Before you upload YouTube videos to your mortgage website, make sure they are either “Public” or “Listed“, Private videos won’t be available to general public visiting your website. Here is an extract from Google/YouTube help page:


Another page about private videos: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/77272?hl=en

So the first step would be to update your video settings. Once this is done, get the video sharing code from YouTube.com


Then login to WMC, load the page that you want to edit:
Click “Source” as shown in the image, this will bring a screen with page source/HTML code:

Place your mouse where you want the video to appear, paste the video code (that you copied from YouTube.com), and click “Save”, that is all you need to do.

In the above example video will show up between ABOUT US and paragraph that starts with “If you are looking for the best mortgage rates….”

Tips to Create Effective Landing Page

This post assumes you know what is a landing page? If you are not sure, please visit What is a Landing Page?.

Lets start with the heat map:

I am not going to get in detail about what a webpage heatmap is, but for the time being, the red and the areas around red are more significant. These are the areas where a visitor pays more attentions, so our core stuff related to the action should be within these areas. Following tips will assist you in understanding how to use visitor heatmap  to create the immaculate lead capture landing page.

  1. The Ad and your landing page should be relevant:
    Whatever you are offering in the ad, your landing page should clearly and boldly present that. Remember they only came to this page, because you promised something on your ad, which is relevant to what they actually looking for. And they expect that your landing page, would have more of it. Make sure your headline refers directly to the ad copy that drove the click.
  2. Provide a clear call to action:
    This is the most important part, tell your online visitor what they need to do. There is no set role for how many Call to Action buttons (or text) you use on a single page. 2 are good for a short landing page and 4-5 in a long landing page.
  3. Focus on getting your visitors to do 1 thing:
    Don’t confuse your visitor, don’t suggest many types of actions, focus on one and only one thing. Write whatever you like, but to the point. The key is to take your visitor to a point,  where they know, what they need to do.  Don’t make them guess or hunt around!
  4. Start and end of the Page is the key: Most of the visitors would be reading the top and than scrolling down to the bottom to get a glimpse of what this is all about. Therefore the most important points should be at top and at the end.


Effective Website Design

You must have heard this a million times “your website design is the most critical component when you consider how you engage your customers”. Many independent research sources clearly indicate that at least 84% of consumers check out companies online before purchasing a product or service. There are billions of websites on the Internet. Each of them has some sort of web site design but few are those which are styled in a way that impresses their visitors, offers them convenient navigation and makes them come back again. Therefore it can not be left at merely some guess work or in the hands of starters.

A successful website is one that helps you meet your business goals!

Do you want your website to help you grow your business?

And it won’t be a wrong to say that a large majority of consumers will absolutely buy from the company with the better website. Recently a client of iReadySites shared after we re-designed their web site they never get people questioning negative about the product they offer and overall business naturally thrived. A professional website will do that for any business, guaranteed.

So why have a web site that is less than effective at creating new customers?

Check this interesting and very important tool Google Instant Preview! If you haven’t noticed you can preview, using the magnifying glass icon, a website link with a visual thumbnail prior to clicking a link in your Google search results. Naturally this perfect for a “want it now” society. We all want things delivered faster and Google has made searching for the reputable company faster. You will no longer need to load a website and then close it once you realize you have landed on a bad looking website that you assume lacks a strong reputation.

Potential customers might never get to read what your website has to offer if the page looks so poor that it is never clicked on.

This without a doubt makes a strong visual first impression, your web design, a requirement more than ever.

So please take some time look at the rest of our site, get a feel for what we can deliver, and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

SSL Certificates

Online mortgage loan applications including 1003 URLA and pre-qualification request require online visitors to submit sensitive information (e.g. Social Security Number, SSN, DOB, etc). Transmitting this information over  internet channels is a great risk. This is where SSL certificates come in, they ensures secure transfer of critical data.

Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is an electronic “credit card” that establishes your credentials when doing business or other transactions on the Web. The certificate is issued by a certification authority (CA). It contains your name, a serial number, expiration dates, a copy of the certificate holder’s public key (used for encrypting messages and digital signatures), and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that a recipient can verify that the certificate is real. Digital certificates can be kept in registries so that authenticating users can look up other users’ public keys.

Secure Socket Layer

The SSL protocol is the web standard for encrypting communications between users and web sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. Web server certificates are required to initialize an SSL session.

What is a Landing Page?

In terms of online internet marketing, a landing page is any web page on a site where online visitors are sent specifically to prompt a certain action. It could be website’s home page or any page on the same site. Now the question is what’s the difference between a regular/normal page and a landing web page (sometimes also called as lead capture page).

For the answer lets take an example, suppose you decided to have a great mortgage website. You purchased a pre-designed or a custom site with many pages, about features, benefits, advantages, FAQs about your product, testimonials, educational material for loan shoppers, online applications and of course a home page. You think it’s ready and you start advertising it through different online marketing channels using text ads, banners etc.

You researched and used some great keywords and style in your ads and you start getting visitors (note: you don’t have a landing page designed), so all of them are coming to your home page because you used the main URL in your ads. Wow, great, loads of visitors. But after few days you start noticing that visitors are coming as a result of ads, but a very small portion, almost close to zero is actually converting into lead. You had a well presented site, but you MISSED something.

Yep: A Carefully Designed Landing Page.

A page to boost the conversion rate…

A page to turn visitors into leads…

A page to get the job done…

A landing pages provides a customized sales pitch for the visitor. Ads and marketing usually drive targeted traffic, so you know where about of your visitors. Provide them what they are looking for in the most effective manner and your chances of engaging the visitor goes up, as should your conversion rate.

Next question, How to design a lead capture page that seal the deal?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO and why it’s used for internet marketing?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process which helps the website to come up among the top ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) under major keywords related to a specific website products, services or topic.

This is a job which increase the visitors on the website. mostly the online product selling companies / stores, service providers, directly buy this services which helps to get target visitors.  iReadySites offers the complete as well as partial jobs for  real estate, medical, dentist, e-commerce, credit repair and mortgage websites as per need and requirement, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work is 100% manual, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services covers the following jobs:


  • Keywords Research and Analysis
  • Most Targeted Keywords Detection and Suggestions for the Website
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • SEO Optimized Content Writing
  • Advance Internal Linking Structure
  • PageRank Sculpturing
  • New Pages Creation for Link Exchange / for Articles (If needed)
  • Writing of Customer Reviews (if needed)
  • Unique Article Writing for Website


This section is totally based on link building, there are many ways to increase backlinks and we normally work on all types of link building. Our Off Page Search Engine Optimization – SEO totally based on manual work, we don’t use any link submission software or tool.

We use the following link building techniques for Off Page Optimization:

  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Book Marking
  • Article Writing and Submission to Article Directories
  • High PR Do-Follow Links Campaign
  • Link Exchange