How To Keep Up To Date on Mortgage Website Technologies

The internet is rapidly evolving, getting bigger and smarter every day. More than just its infrastructure, everything about it is in a state of continuous change. More people joining it every day, new technologies coming up, it has become a global network of people, computers and other machines that is beginning to mediate all human interactions. All of this making it more challenging for developers and designers of mortgage websites as well the loan officers, mortgage agents, brokers, lenders…

Hundreds of thousands of blog posts and articles are published every day, there is no way you can read all of them to learn stuff which is important to you.

True, so what you do? How do you keep yourself updated on new technologies and tools related to residential, commercial and reverse mortgage websites?

As a mortgage professional you are only concerned about what’s really going to effect your niche. And how you can get the maximum out of those new trends to generate mortgage leads. So here is what you should do:

Make a list of top commercial mortgage websites. You may have to be a little careful here, there are companies with established names, they don’t have to have an updated website with all the latest bells and whistles. Look for the ones who are not big but competing with the big bad boys. These will show you what to do. There is no need to re-invent anything, they have already spent thousands of dollars to come up with a winning mortgage website marketing formula to generate leads 24/7, you just need to re-engineer it. Make sure you follow the blueprint and NOT copy stuff.

Once you have the list, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc…) and piggyback their methods to stay ahead of the game.

Follow the same steps for residential mortgage websites, reverse mortgage websites and mortgage landing pages.

5 Key Elements of a Lead Generating Mortgage Landing Page

Have you ever created a landing page to capture mortgage leads?

If so, were you satisfied with the conversion rate?  As you know, the primary goal of a mortgage landing page is to collect valuable information about your potential clients. Once a person arrives at your page, the copy and design of the landing page are the most crucial factors in the entire process of collecting leads.

Here are the five key elements that can make or break a mortgage landing page:

1. Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design

Few years back, this wasn’t much important, but these days if you don’t a mobile optimized mortgage website or a landing page you are loosing majority of your potential clients.

According to Googleconsumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.

With this revelation that mobile search has now overtaken desktop search, it’s essential that your mortgage landing page should have a mobile responsive design. Having a mobile-friendly site can even double your conversions. Google had been talking of this trend for a while now, and last year they made changes to their search algorithm, to boosts the rank of mobile friendly websites in search results and penalize sites that are not mobile friendly.

So make sure you have a mortgage landing web page that display’s well on all mobile devices. Mobile devices come in many sizes and forms. Smart devices span the range from smart phones with 3″ screens to tablets with 10″ screens and beyond. We also have Apple’s hand held devices in almost all sizes as well.

It may seem hard but check with your mortgage website designer/developer, they should be able to build a mobile friendly landing page for you.

2. Content/Copy & It’s Length

A well optimized page should have a very clear, simple, to the point message. Use bullet points where ever possible and all the content should clearly be in a sequential order. Mortgage landing page copy should be relevant, clear, and convey a sense of urgency while avoiding sources of anxiety and distraction.

Another factor that play a key role in creating effective landing pages is the use of “words” and “phrases” that match with the keywords and text used in your marketing campaign. Repeating the same language and key phrases reassures visitors that they’re on the right path and shows consistency.

3. Mortgage Landing Page Design

The look, feel, and overall structure of your page design will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your landing page and how well it generates leads. Human brain consumes images and their meanings more quickly than plain text. So your landing page should visually engage the reader instantly or you risk losing a potential customer.

A high converting landing page layout uses relevant eye-catching images and colors. Colors have meanings and studies show they play a very important role in our decision making process. Use of yellow, orange and green color on buttons have shown increase in mortgage landing page conversions. Having a strong contrast between the content and the page background is critical. To learn more on the anatomy and how to effectively design a landing page, visit Mortgage Landing Machine.

4. Limited Form Fields

The details you want to collect from loan shoppers can affect your conversion rate. Ask for too much information and you could turn people away. Keep your form fields to a minimum, studies have shown that increase in number of form fields may result a 10-15 percent decrease in your conversion rate.

A mortgage landing page is your first point of contact with your potential client. He/she won’t give you all the information straight away, only ask the essentials of what you need. Once you have those initial details, build trust and bring them to a point where they provide you all the required information willingly .

Along-with a short form, there should be only ONE possible action for the visitor to take – be it subscribing to your mortgage newsletter, application for prequalification or something else. Eliminate all clickable items on your landing page that might distract loan shoppers from accomplishing the primary task or the conversions will suffer.

5. Trust and Reliability Essentials

People searching for loans online need to know that the company they are going to deal with is a trustworthy entity. They need assurance that any information they provide will be kept safe and confidential. One of the easiest ways to decrease visitor anxiety that may harm your conversion rate is to be sure to use proven trust essentials prominently on your mortgage landing pages.

If you have a privacy policy, add a link to it. Add security seals (if your form requires some sensitive information such as social security number). Use testimonials from happy customers, positive quotes and reviews from real customers can help increase you trustworthiness.

Use trust badges, they are often refer to the logos of well-known brands you’ve worked with in the past (or present), groups and coalitions you are a member of, etc. They serve as endorsements of your trustworthiness and competence.

This has becoming an age of online social media and it’s influence changing everything we do online.  A little “Social Proof” on your mortgage landing page can do wonders. Wikipedia describes social proof as “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation… driven by the assumption that the surrounding people possess more information about the situation.” In other words, people are wired to learn from the actions of others, and this can be a huge driver of consumer behavior.


The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things that can convert a normal landing page into a lead generating machine. These five tips should, however, put you well on your way to creating a killer landing page that will convert your visitors into customers. Remembers, the more optimize your mortgage landing page is, the better chance you will have at generating leads.

To your mortgage success…