Google Webmaster Tools – Search Queries Report Upgrade

Today when I logged into my Google webmaster tools account, looked at search queries report, Wow! this was my reaction.

Saw new fields “Change” against “Impressions”, “Clicks”, “CTR” and “Avg. Position”. Explored a little and I am instantly inspired.

Webmaster Tools New Search Queries Update

The “+” sign next to every search term is gone and now it shows a “Query details:” page for every search term.

Webmaster Tools New Query Details

For me these new additions/enhancements seem like a giant step, and in the long run, this surely going to effect SEO market (may be SEO software too?). It was already a great tool, now with these new features, it’ll help webmasters more and if properly used, they should be able to monitor and enhance their overall  SERP rankings.

New Website Features & Templates

We have always been working diligently to add new user friendly features to the mortgage websites we offer, and we are very pleased to bring you the following new enhanced features. You’ll now have more control over the layout of your website, as you would be able to:
  1. Change default font color for entire website.
  2. Modify following website background properties:
    • Background Color
    • Background Image
    • Background Repeat
    • Background Attachment
    • Background Position
  3. Update website header layout and contents.
  4. Update website footer layout and contents.
We hope these changes  improve the control over your website.
We’ve also added 8 new templates under the residential mortgage website templates section.
We plan to make further improvements to the website and admin panel, and would love to hear your ideas about how we can make it better. Please post your ideas here.

Bing shows biggest search market growth

A latest report has revealed that Microsoft’s Bing recorded the biggest search growth last month. The search engine  showed a 7% month-on-month increase and now claims almost 10% of the US search engine market.

The Hitwise survey also found that while Google is still the leader with almost three-quarters of the entire search market, the giant did see a 1% dip month-on-month.

Yahoo shares just less than 15% while Ask captures just more than 2% of the search market. It observed a growth of 2%.

Hitwise also researched which search engines were used for searching various categories:

  • Google was revealed to have the most visits to automotive, health, shopping and travel categories.
  • Yahoo saw gains in the automotive and shopping categories.
  • Meanwhile, Bing saw triple-digit growth in three categories – automotive, shopping and travel – including a 199% increase in the Shopping category.

If you want your company to be part of the search market then get the best mortgage website marketing solution from iReadySites.

Mortgage Website Builder

iReadySites moving another step further. Now with every site, you’ll have a mortgage website builder script. This is a content management system (CMS) designed specifically for residential and commercial mortgage websites. Our mortgage web site builder/CMS is offered free as part of our “Professional” and “Premium” web site packages.

It’s a solution for loan officers and brokers. Our easy to use, search engine friendly online web site builder is a state of art product. It enables you to point, click and manage your very own website. You will get your mortgage broker website on the internet as you like and in not time at all!

Best of all, we’ll install it on your own hosting, no dependency on us or any other website provider.

You will have the tools at your disposal to quickly manage a professional website that will grow generate leads at autopilot. It’s very easy to operate for mortgage brokers and loan officers. They can change/update their website at will.

Our mortgage website software is professionally designed by top developers. The back-end gives you the flexibility to change your company  website designs and look at anytime.

Professional Web Designs for Mortgage Brokers

For every successful mortgage broker it’s almost a must to attract a rapid and steady flow of fresh clients. The Internet or web is at the moment the most powerful marketing tool. More and more mortgage brokers utilizing its power to enhance the success of their mortgage business. A content rich website with a professional web design is likely to dramatically increase internet traffic and the number of new customers.

The internet has changed the way the loan shopper review the services and facilities offered by mortgage companies. The web now offers people a method of shopping around for their mortgage needs from the comfort of their homes and/or office. The mortgage industry is very competitive and brokers must now realise that in order to achieve success it is now crucial to obtain a professional website design.

Advantages for Mortgage Brokers with professional web designs

  • It will provide a increased exposure through Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content.
  • It will reduce the  advertising costs and the reliance on costly newspapers and other media.
  • An appealing site will not only help attract new Customers but ensure that they stay interested.
  • The website can provide potential clients with information about the services provided by the mortgage broker as well as update existing Customers on any new developments.
  • A resourcefully designed website will be the mortgage brokers’ first point of contact with potential clients, thus enabling mortgage brokers to make a positive impression on clients even before meeting them.

iReadySites mortgage website templates are actually complete websites. They well presented contents instantly capture the attention of potential clients.  Now we are offering a total marketing solution to capture leads 24/7. Take a look at our mortgage website features.

More Mortgage Website Templates Added

We are constantly updating our range of mortgage website templates to make sure that you get the best and the latest.

20 April 2010: 2 new designs added under commercial mortgage website templates.

06 April 2010: 2 new website templates added under commercial mortgage website templates.

02 April 2010: Two new templates added under commercial mortgage website templates.

01 March 2010: One template for residential Mortgage Websites.

12 Jan 2010: Two more templates designs under professional broker website templates.

30 Sept 2009: Here you go, two more templates have been added to our collection of professional broker website templates.

28 Sept 2009: Two new designs have been added, please check them here mortgage website templates.


Commercial Mortgage Website Demo

Hi all,

Today, we have launched a demo website for mortgage professionals dealing in commercial loan products. The site has over 40 pages of comprehensive mortgage material including 5 online loan applications. Click the link below to launch demo web site:

Commercial Website Template Design


Have fun testing new demo and lets us know about your experience