Residential Mortgage Website FAQs

Question: We are interested in design #812. How soon can we be posted?

Steps towards getting a website up and running are as follows:

  • Signup
  • Name server switch at your domain registrar
  • After the signup we need basic details to personalize the website.
  • Website setup, this normally takes six to eighth business hours.
Questions: Cost is $552 for 2 years? Are there any discount codes?

Yes, biennial plan cost is $552. Right now we are running a 40% discount on all Premium plans for a limited number of clients (offer will expire at midnight 11th Sept, 2017). So if you manage to use this, your first biennial payment would be $331.2 (not $552). Please enter SEPT11 in the “Coupon Code” field at checkout.

Question: Are there any hidden costs?

This is what we provide with every website and there are no hidden charges:

Key features include:

  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • 9+ online forms and applications
  • Over 100 pages of default mortgage related content
  • 4 Mortgage/Financial Calculators
  • State of the art Website Management Center to handle everything from within a browser
  • Free hosting, logo design and setup.

To see what your website visitors will get in their browser windows, please check the live demos at:

Available designs are listed with preview on this page:

Question: Can we change copy?

We provide website with default content. You can remove what you don’t need/like and yes, you can always add your own content/pages.

Question: Move anything around?

If by this you mean, would you be able to move text and images around, would you be able to move links around, would you be able to move pages from one category to another then the answer is Yes, you can do that.

Question: How do we pay?

Signup is an online process, please go to to place your order. handles the payments on our behalf.

Question: How do we get support?

Support is primarily through email and online chat. And if needed we can have a phone conversation as well.

Question: Do we get email addresses?

Yes, you can create email addresses on the free hosting. It comes with 2GB of disk space.

Question: We already have a domain.

We don’t offer domain registration, so it’s great to know you already have a domain name.

Question: We do not want a reverse mortgage website but we want to mention it.

We provide website with default content related to your niche after that if you want to add pages on reverse, loan modification, small business loans, commercial, real estate or any area related to your business, there are no restrictions on that.

Question: Can I see some of your live mortgage websites?

We are serving mortgage professionals across United States since 2009. Here are some of our recent residential website clients:

  • (GA)
  • (MD)
  • (CA)
  • (FL)
  • (TX)
  • (CO)
  • (CA)
Question: Is there a real website with this template (RES-812) that I can visit?

Here is an implementation of RES-812. (KS)