Convert My Commercial Mortgage Website To A WordPress Site

Should I convert my iReadySites commercial mortgage website to a WordPress site?

It’s your decision to have your website on any platform, environment or technology you like.

But if you’ve been told WordPress websites bring better search engine results, host your website on a dedicated IP address. Purchase and install a SSL certificate to make your website traffic secure. Just choose a suitable SSL plan and your hosting company would do this for you. And it won’t be expensive at all. This would greatly help your website rankings on all major search engines especially Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

And then iReadySites team can install a WordPress blog (with matching free theme) on top of your current website for regular blog posts.

Contact us if you have any question or concerns.

SEO For Pre-designed Mortgage Websites

Q. Doesn’t the use of iReadySites mortgage websites with pre-loaded content and online applications increase the chance of having duplicate content penalties impacting SEO with Google?

Ans. We provide pre-designed websites with default content and online forms. This enables you to have a instant online presence, but yes, it’s true that many users will have the same default content and that can impact your SEO efforts with search engines. Clients who do SEO they take these content as a starting point, then modify and add new content to make them unique.

Q. Is there room in the template to add approximately 1000 word content articles on each page to help with SEO results?

Ans. Yes, our Premium plans come with an online Website Management Center which allows you to add unlimited content to existing pages to target specific keywords. Also there is no limit on creating new pages, which essentially means you can add unlimited new pages to your website.

In some cases, clients prefer to have a WordPress blog for articles, so we install a WordPress blog with a matching free theme. There is no additional cost to this service.

Why SEO costs more than mortgage website itself?

SEO services normally costs more than the website itself, and takes much longer to carry out. Our SEO prices usually starts from US$ 400+ per month, i.e. top placement for 4/5 keywords and complete site optimization. But we are trying to keep them down than the normal rate for our mortgage website clients.

Now coming to the question: what makes it costly?
There are many reasons, the top most is: Coming on the first page of Google gives you targeted traffic. Which means business. Driving traffic to a website is the most important part of having a website and yet people have some lovely websites that are never seen as no optimization has ever taken place. For example for the keyword

mortgages for office buildings

there are “About 81,200,000 results” and only the first 10 gets the lions share. And getting a website on the first page out of About 81,200,000 is not easy. It needs lots of efforts to bring a site from no where to such position.

But you have to see whether spending money for the SEO is paying off or not. You need to check how much you earn per loan closing and the amount you are paying for the SEO per month must be lower than that. If spending US$ 400 can even earn you US$ 600, you are still not on loss. But for sure any income less than 400 is not acceptable at all.

Why SEO Search Engine Optimization is The Key!

SEO Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important marketing methodologies. For the first time in the history of internet, online marketing is estimated to take over traditional marketing techniques. And this even increases the key nature of SEO. Now a mortgage company without an website stands no where. It becomes very important for every mortgage and real estate professional to market themselves properly on the World Wide Web.

Obviously one of the goals of search engine optimization is to increase website traffic. But it’s not the only goal. Search engine optimization is ultimately about results. A well traveled web site that produces little or no profit is not desirable or sustainable. For that reason, we emphasize the need to not only work with a reputable SEO; you must also engage the services of a reliable web hosting company, a skilled web designer and an engaging content writer.

In essence SEO is the process of structuring a web page so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible. But why is this important? Consider what it would be like if no one could easily find your company’s address, or even your contact number. Most businesses could not continue for long in such a situation.

The same thing can happen with your mortgage web site if people cannot easily locate it. Potentially valuable loan shoppers never even know you are there.

How to Promote your Website?

Internet advertisement to promote your website is expensive and needs a very large budget. In comparison it is much cheaper to rank higher for your preferred keywords on the main search engines organic search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone for obtaining better placement positions for particular keywords in organic search results. Some simple steps given below can do wonders for your web site:

Focus on high density Keyword Page Title

Write a descriptive title for each web page with a higher density for keywords that you want people to find you with. Use 5 to 8 words, remove as many “filler” words from the title (such as “the,” “and,” etc.), while still keeping it readable. This page title will appear hyper-linked on the search engines when your page is found. Place this at the top of the web page between the title tags, so it is shown on the blue bar at top of your internet browser.

Description META Tag

It is one of the most important yet ignored factor. Most search engines include meta description below your hyper linked title in the search results. People will click your link based on this description. So make it as appealing as possible. The description should be a sentence or two describing the content of the web page, using the main keywords and key phrases on the page you are optimizing. Don’t include keywords that don’t appear on the web page. Place the Description META Tag at the top of the web page.

Keywords in Headers H1, H2, H3…

Search engines consider keywords that appear in the page headline and sub heads to be important to the page. Make sure your desired keywords and phrases appear in one or two header tags. Use keywords in the H1, H2, and H3 tags to provide clues to the search engine.

Position Your Keywords in the First Paragraph

Give a strong opening paragraph. Google may or may not search beyond the first 200 words or so of your web site, but it definitely looks at the first paragraph. Search engines expect that your first paragraph will contain the important keywords for the introduction to the content of the page. Google might expect a keyword density in the entire body text area of maybe 1.5% to 2% for a word that should rank high, so it should not be overdone.

Use Keywords in Hyperlinks

Search engines are looking for clues to the focus of your web page. When they see words hyper-linked in your body text, they consider these potentially important, so hyper-link your important keywords and key phrases.

Create a Site Map

A site map page that links to all your pages can help search engines and visitors find your website pages, particularly if you have a larger site. Create a free account on Google Webmaster Tools, submit your sitemap there. This’ll help Google to index your web pages. There are many other important features those can be used to increase your web site visibility on search results.

Develop Web pages Focused on Each of Your Target Keywords

Develop several web pages on your site, each of which is focused on a target keyword or key phrase for which you would like a high ranking.

Linking Strategies

A linking strategy is a methodology that builds appropriate inbound links to your site and helps you achieve your overall business objectives. Also Google and other major search engines consider the number of incoming links to your website (“link popularity”) as an important indicator of relevance, more links will help you rank higher in the search engines. Google has a measure called Page Rank that reflects the quantity and quality of incoming links. All links aren’t equal. Links from trusted, popular sites help your site rank higher.

Submit Your Site to Key Directories

Submit your site to specialized directories. For instance, a mortgage professional should submit her site to mortgage directories. A site on real estate should be sent to real estate or loan directories. Link from a directory will help your ranking – and get you traffic. A directory is not a search engine. Rather, it is a hierarchical listing of sites sorted according to category and subcategory. Yahoo Directory is an important directory. Marginal directories, however, come and go very quickly, making it hard to keep up, so don’t try to be exhaustive here. Beware of directories that solicit you for “upgraded listings”. Unless a directory is widely used in your field, a premium ad is a waste of money – but the (free) link itself will help boost your Page Rank and hence your search engine ranking.

Publish a Blog

Start a blog on your website, hosted on your own domain. If you offer excellent content and regular industry comment, people are likely to link to it, increasing your site’s Page Rank.

Better Google rankings are vital for your mortgage business to succeed online

Once your mortgage website has been designed and launched the most important priority is to focus on strategic search engine optimization if you want it to succeed.

As the day to day usage of the internet increases, so does the amount of online loan shoppers – therefore it makes sense that the higher in the search engines you go, the more leads you’ll generate. New research from Google shows that more than half of all potential customers search the internet before seeking out a known brand for a product.

Ensuring your site has the right SEO to show on the first page of results will help you get more sales and drive your branding campaigns.We are a vastly experienced team in all aspects of SEO, and over the years, we have fine tuned our approach and methodology towards SEO.

Contact us today for a free appraisal and more information on how we can help your business to drive more traffic to your mortgage website.

How to Build Backlinks

Quality backlinks are the most crucial aspect of your SEO campaign. But may be getting the top quality links is even more important and tough. Because with backlinks it seems like you have to rely on others to work for your success. Backlinking is an imperitive part of website SEO right now. Quality backlinks will put your site quickly on the map, provided you atleast still provide some good content. And it’s worth mentioning that, even though getting links to a website is important, its more important that we do not overdo it. And that means one should not try to get as many links as possible in the shortest time. Do not get too obsessed with the numbers. Idea is to get Quality Backlinks, quantity is important but alone it doesn’t do much good.

A backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if

  1. The Theme of the backlinking website is the same as your website.
  2. It links to your website with the keyword or keyphrase that you are trying to optimize for.

The first step in building backlinks is to find the places from which you can get quality backlinks. The first step could be to prepare a list of sites where you can post articles, messages, or you can simply put a backlink to your site (directories ?). After you have the list of potential backlink partners, it is up to you to visit each of the sites and post your content with the backlink to your site in it.

Getting Listed in Directories

Manual directory submission allows you to make your site more accessible to your target market. Look for online directories where people looking for the same product or service that you are offering are most likely to go. If you are not doing it yourself than the key here is to look for a service provider who knows needs to be done and can submit your website to the top yet related directories over the Internet.

Blogs and Forums

Search engines love blogs and like forums as well, so posting in forums and blogs is also a good way to get quality backlinks with the anchor text you want. If the forum or blog is a respected one, a backlink is valuable. However, in some cases the forum or blog administrator can edit your post, or even delete it if it does not fit into the forum or blog policy. Also, sometimes administrators do not allow links in posts, unless they are relevant ones. Here are some tips for blog and forum submissions:

  • Don’t just comment, be valuable and contribute
  • Choose your forums & blogs based on their relativity, traffic and credibility
  • Don’t over do linking, one link per reply is good enough
  • Use keywords as part of link text

Article Submission

While forum postings can be short and do not require much effort, submitting articles to directories can be more time-consuming because generally articles are longer than posts and need careful thinking while writing them. But it is also worth and it is not so difficult to do. Article submission sites do not have as much authority and link value as they used to be, but they can still assist build your link portfolio and rankings. Top sites like EzineArticles and PRweb tend to rank better organically which can help increase traffic. Things to keep in mind while posting articles:

  • If you are submitting the same article to multiple submission sites take some time to change the article title, along with a few sentences in each paragraph to make it unique enough for the search engines.
  • Make sure you use SEO best practices.
  • Use keywords in the article title
  • Use different variations of the keyword/phrase throughout the content
  • Optimize the URL
  • Deep link to inner pages on your site (a suggestion)

Content Exchange

You often hear that link exchange programs don’t work and where they do they cause your ranking to drop. The truth is, link farms (no doing white hat SEO) may harm your site One has to be careful about using link exchange programs, but they still can, if done with care, increase your rankings because every link pointing to your site will help determine your site’s link popularity. For instance, you can offer to interested sites RSS feeds for free. When the other site publishes your RSS feed, you will get a backlink to your site and potentially a lot of visitors, who will come to your site for more details about the headline and the abstract they read on the other site.

News Announcements and Press Releases

Online press releases have become a fairly standard marketing strategy and are a valuable tool for promoting the products and services offered on your website. Press releases get your company’s name before the public, and drive targeted traffic to your site. They also create vital link popularity that is important to search engine ranking. Realization of their search optimization potential has caused a shift in focus in online press releases. According to a recent Clemson University study, the purpose of online news announcements is moving away from traditional brand marketing to search engine optimization.

There are many sites that publish for free or for a fee news announcements and press releases. A professionally written press release about an important event can bring you lots of visitors and the backlink from a respected site to yours is a good boost to your SEO efforts. The tricky part is that you cannot release press releases if there is nothing newsworthy. Bottom line is handle with care and build credibility.

There are definitely unlimited possibilities of building quality inbound links, you just need to think out of the box.

Google’s Instant Search – Any Effect on SEO?

Google Instant! It’s a change that feels so delicate, and honestly quit difficult to analyze or describe right away. A big lot is even unable to notice it’s happening – Google Instant tries to show search results before you can finish typing them. Many people are asking what’s this? What’s in it for Google? Will it effect Search Engine Optimization? And many are facing errors and issues since it’s launch.

The good news is that the change doesn’t affect Google’s search algorithm in any way. If you were ranking good for “mortgage website design” before, your ranking isn’t in jeopardy. The real question is how this will affect users’ search habits. If they type in “mortgage” and Google offers instant results on “mortgage website design”, will your potential customers get distracted? Or will they continue on with their query as normal?

Only time will tell what this move proves to be, but right now, the gurus of search-engine optimization are struggling to figure out what effect Google Instant would have on their businesses.

How To Promote A Website

In recent times the Marketing and Promotion is the key features to introduce, capture and attract loan shoppers towards your website. There are lots of mortgage companies selling their product/services and due to large number of loan officers, agents, brokers and lenders the marketing and promotion is the only thing that makes the difference. This is the very reason why companies are hiring marketing professionals to concentrate on the promotion and marketing of their website.

And we strongly believe that it’s such a hard market out there and no company can grow without the marketing and promotion.

Why Do You Need to Promote Your Website:

Online marketing is a key component to promote and introduce your loan products/services. It’s a cheap and the fastest way to introduce your company/product/services. Millions of loan buyers connect to the internet and look for low interest rates as per their specific needs and requirements. And internet is the only way to reach them which works fast and within your budget limits as well.

In this modern age, every traditional trade and business affected by the online trends. Now people prefer to buy products/services online to save cost and time. There are millions of mortgage websites trying to survive on the internet. And only the web sites with good rankings in the search results against their key keywords are getting the lions share of the market. It’s not an understatement that if any loan officer or broker wants good business then he has to formulate a good plan to get his website on the first page of search results at-least on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Ask.

Keyword Selection:

Usually this is the very first step. Every seller wants to get the real buyers on his website, who are specifically looking for the product and services offered by him. It is also an important factor to target a particular market. A seller mostly doesn’t know which keyword people use to search product/services in his market (such as real estate, mortgage, medical, dentist or credit repair). And there are literally thousands of combination of keywords even for a small market. So it’s very important and critical to select the right keywords related to the category of your website.

It is also important to know which keywords are most powerful and buyers use them for search in desired market.

Note: Here is free tool to analyze and search keywords related to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO and why it’s used for internet marketing?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process which helps the website to come up among the top ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s) under major keywords related to a specific website products, services or topic.

This is a job which increase the visitors on the website. mostly the online product selling companies / stores, service providers, directly buy this services which helps to get target visitors.  iReadySites offers the complete as well as partial jobs for  real estate, medical, dentist, e-commerce, credit repair and mortgage websites as per need and requirement, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work is 100% manual, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services covers the following jobs:


  • Keywords Research and Analysis
  • Most Targeted Keywords Detection and Suggestions for the Website
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • SEO Optimized Content Writing
  • Advance Internal Linking Structure
  • PageRank Sculpturing
  • New Pages Creation for Link Exchange / for Articles (If needed)
  • Writing of Customer Reviews (if needed)
  • Unique Article Writing for Website


This section is totally based on link building, there are many ways to increase backlinks and we normally work on all types of link building. Our Off Page Search Engine Optimization – SEO totally based on manual work, we don’t use any link submission software or tool.

We use the following link building techniques for Off Page Optimization:

  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Book Marking
  • Article Writing and Submission to Article Directories
  • High PR Do-Follow Links Campaign
  • Link Exchange