How to close more loans daily.

To become a top producer you must possess the ability, resources, organizational skills, sales & marketing skills to be able to close over 10 loans a month. 10 – 20 loans a month target can only be achieved with an iReadySites’s lead generation website; however, it requires professional commitment and total focus to achieve this goal. We give you a system that endows you with essential tools to achieve such goals month after month.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to increase your customers’ credit scores.
  • How to spend less money on marketing and get better results.
  • How to have Realtors provide you with loans.
  • The proper method to follow up with leads and double your income.
  • How to automate your marketing system.
  • What factors cause homebuyers to choose one lender over another? Moreover, it is not the price!
  • How to make your prospects an offer they cannot refuse.

Marketing for Loans

Loan Pricing

Learn how to get loan referrals Learn daily interest rates
Join referrals networks Learn loan programs
Learn to convert 1 loan into 3 loans Learn adjustable Indexes
Learn client management system Learn how to price your loan
Online marketing / Leads Learn to lock rate with higher rebate
Local marketing / flyers / mailers Learn to maximize your profit
Learn to make clients work for you Good Faith Estimate
Get loans from real estate agents Learn how to do loan analysis
Understand your target segment Understand your client & his/her loan
Understand loan marketing Communicate to close fast

Mortgage Website

Loan Approval / Funding

Get state of the art mortgage website Plan your loan before submission
Online interactive loan apps File stacking order for underwriters
Get exclusive qualifies leads How to open escrow/appraisal online
Automated loan system How to order payoff demands online
Loan educators for your clients Learn Loan submission system
Loan calculators for your clients How to get fast approvals
Close loans out of your area How to fulfill loan conditions fast
Close loans statewide Always explain final docs & notarized
Close impossible loans online Get the loan funded in 14 days

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