Loan Officer Websites

It seems like everyone has a website these days. But 99% of loan officer websites are not serving the purpose. Why? It’s not because they aren’t appealing or lack valuable information about you, your company and your products. It’s because setting up a website is just the beginning of the process. There is a lot needs to done after that and on a┬áconsistent┬ábasis. Here are few important tasks:

  • First, you should place your web address on all of your promotional and marketing materials (visiting cards, writing pads, flyers, banners etc).
  • Start a news letter at your site.
  • Place a classified ad offering a free report. The prospect emails your autoresponder, and you start your follow-up series to them. Now in those follow-ups, you need to stress the value of visiting your website. Maybe it’s the helpful mortgage calculator. Maybe it’s the additional 3 reports they can download by visiting. You need to really promote your website through your autoresponder series.

More Mortgage Website Templates Added

We are constantly updating our range of mortgage website templates to make sure that you get the best and the latest.

20 April 2010: 2 new designs added under commercial mortgage website templates.

06 April 2010: 2 new website templates added under commercial mortgage website templates.

02 April 2010: Two new templates added under commercial mortgage website templates.

01 March 2010: One template for residential Mortgage Websites.

12 Jan 2010: Two more templates designs under professional broker website templates.

30 Sept 2009: Here you go, two more templates have been added to our collection of professional broker website templates.

28 Sept 2009: Two new designs have been added, please check them here mortgage website templates.


Commercial Mortgage Website Demo

Hi all,

Today, we have launched a demo website for mortgage professionals dealing in commercial loan products. The site has over 40 pages of comprehensive mortgage material including 5 online loan applications. Click the link below to launch demo web site:

Commercial Website Template Design


Have fun testing new demo and lets us know about your experience


Most Frequent

Question: What makes i Ready Sites different than other website solution providers?

Answer: We at have a totally different approach to building websites. We take the initiative and design various mortgage websites for residential and commercial loan officers, brokers & lenders. We write ALL THE CONTENT and make it complete so that the person acquiring the website does not have to do any work, and will have a completely running website right away without any hassle or amendments what-so-ever.

NOW comes the UNIQUE part, we offer our clients a FREE update service. If a client wants to change/update information on any of the company pages ( About Us | Our Advantage | Team | Contact Us | Resources | Privacy Policy | Jobs | Terms & Conditions) within 30 days of signup we do it absolutely free. All a client needs to do is to provide text and images for the above said pages in digital format and we take care of the rest.

Question: Do you install purchased website on my hosting account?

Answer: Yes! you have to provide login details of your hosting account and our support staff will install the website on your server.

Question: How long does it typically take to make a website available to visitors?

Answer: Well! If you want to use your purchased website (residential/commercial mortgage website) as it is (it comes ready), then it hardly takes few minutes to upload it to your hosting account. If your domain is already registered and you have a set hosting account, then your web site will be available to visitors as soon as you upload it.

But if you are purchasing a new domain name, then it usually takes 24 to 48 hours to make your website appear in browsers.

And if you want to update text and/or images on company pages then it depends on amount of changes and how quick you actually deliver the required contents to us.

Question: What do I get with my website order?

After your order you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download .zip(s). The .zip file(s) contains the following source files:

Exclusive Purchase: PSD file(s), HTML file(s), Image files in various formats, JavaScript files (if they are used on the chosen template/design), fonts and css files.

Non-Exclusive Purchase: HTML file(s), Image files in various formats, JavaScript files (if they are used on the chosen template/design), and css files.

Question: What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive purchase?

Answer: A non-exclusive purchase means that other people can buy the template/design you have chosen, some time later. Alternatively an exclusive purchase guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template. After an exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from our offering.

Question: Why should I buy my Web site from

Answer: Most web development firms can charge anywhere between $2,000 to $8,000 to set up a web site similar to what we offer. means you get a professional website at an extremely affordable price.

Question: Do I need any technical knowledge?

Answer: If you opt, we’ll update the necessary pages and upload the website to your server. After that it’s mainly enjoying mortgage leads coming into your inbox.

Question: Is hosting included?

Answer: No! we are currently not offering hosting services.

Question: What makes you different from other companies?

Answer: See answer to first question, no one is offering this. No-one dare where we go to serve our clients.