4 Tips For Lead Generating Commercial Mortgage Websites

Your commercial mortgage website is the first tool that can keep you stand tall among competition, but only if it is built for visitors. Not to satisfy your own personal aesthetic sense. What look good to you may not be the ideal website for general visitor. When you decide to have or design a website, you need to keep the end-use in mind. What he/she needs and how you can make their visit to your website a worth-while experience.

So the first thing is always to have an engaging website. Engaging commercial commercial websites create lasting first impression, give companies credibility and can help generate commercial leads. So how can your capture the interest of your online visitors and increase user engagement amidst this competitive landscape? Here are 5 tips that can get you started:

1) Responsive Web Design (RWD)

It’s a technique or method to design commercial websites so that the website will “respond” to different sizes of device windows (called “viewports”). The ultimate goal is so that with any device, small or large, mouse or touch, the website visitor or user can easily use the website with the same functionality as if it were being viewed on a traditional desktop computer.

A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, videos and CSS3 media queries.

Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.  Therefore, Google announced Mobilegeddon in 2015, and started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device.

2) Focus on SEO:

You cannot generate leads if people can find you! Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can send you valuable traffic. Online loan shoppers normally use search engines when looking for commercial loans, so knowing how you can utilize them for your site’s favor is a good thing.  SEO traffic often converts better than other channels due to the fact that rankings often convey trust from the search engines. And so, it is my strong opinion that if you’re running any online marketing efforts, you focus on SEO too.

The fact of the matter is, organic search is the single most driving source of traffic to most of the commercial mortgage websites. Not to mention, it’s FREE too. It will also introduce your loan company to a whole new set of people. In order to truly realize the most value from SERPs, you must pay careful attention to your search engine optimization efforts.

3) Use Catchy Images And Headings

There’s no shortage of content on the Internet. Every day, millions of blog posts are published. If you’re a commercial loan agent who owns a website and do content marketing, all that content creates a challenge. How can your website stand out?

Images grab attention – As you’ve probably heard before, our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Human beings are visual beings, so showing a striking selection of professional images is pretty much the most straightforward way in selling commercial loans. Indelible, crave-able images have become in high demand in the world of content marketing, and the push for visual content seems to only be getting stronger. Always have a header image for your blog posts.

A striking headline is extremely important to bring the reader in to view an article or advertisement. Catchy headlines can make or break your content. Great headlines give you an edge and convince your audience to read and respond to your copy.  This is a complete topic in itself but in general write a headline that grabs user attention and entice them to read more. Try to use your reader’s “how-to” instinct and/or ask a provocative question in the commercial mortgage loan article headline.

4) Clear & Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

A commercial mortgage website or even a commercial mortgage landing page is incomplete without a clear call to action, a response you want users to complete. But question is how do you encourage users to act? How do you create an effective call to action?

Follow these guidelines to create CTAs that adhere to established best practices. CTAs should be:

  • Visually striking with web page content that compels your visitors to click the offer
  • Brief: A couple of words is best, no more than five is ideal
  • Action-oriented: Begin with a verb like “Start”, “Signup”, “Download” or “Register”
  • Located in an easy-to-find spot on the webpage
  • Good Design: A colorful button that contrasts with the color of the page is a good strategy to get the user’s attention.
  • High Visibility: Because the call to action should be the most noticeable thing on the page, the font size should be large enough to command attention.
  • Easy to understand and clear: Be sure to state exactly what the visitor will get if they click on the CTA.
  • A no-obligation statement that removes or reduces risk. Any type of money-back guarantee or short free trial period helps convince the user that there is little risk in completing the transaction.


Why Have a Secure Commercial Mortgage Website

Having a secure commercial mortgage website not only gives online loan shoppers a sense of security as they browse your content, it can also help in search results since Google has taken a strict stance to ensure that it protects the privacy of their consumers. Security, they say, has always been “a top priority” for them.

Back in 2014 Google announced that having a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site will give you a ranking boost. Here we are almost in the last quarter of 2017, so what does this mean for mortgage website SEO now, and is making the switch to HTTPS worth it? To answer that, let’s look at the following:


In a layman’s terms, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol which lets visitors view a site and send information back to the Web server. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted and secured.

The most important difference between the two protocols is the SSL and now a days TLS certificate.

The SSL certificate encrypts the information that users supply to the site, which basically translates the data into a code. Even if someone manages to steal the data being communicated between the sender and the recipient, they would not be able to understand it due to this encryption.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol helps provide data integrity, which helps prevent the transfer of data from being modified or corrupted, and authentication, which proves to your users that they are communicating with the intended commercial mortgage website.

SEO Advantages Of Switching To Secure Mortgage Website

Following Google’s recommendations to change to a secure website is a simple, safe and smart decision for mortgage loan officers. Doing so will benefit the security of your mortgage and real estate website (and your customers), but there can also be additional SEO benefits such as:

Better Ranking on SERPs: Google has mentioned it is a ranking factor – and even if it is only a small factor, it may just be enough to give you an edge over a competitor.

The Process of Changing from HTTP to HTTPS

Here are the simple steps to migrating your commercial mortgage website from HTTP to HTTPS:

  1. Get a dedicated IP Address: It’s not mandatory but having a dedicated IP address will give you far better results.
  2. Purchase an SSL certificate SSL certificate costs and payment links are on the following page:https://www.namecheap.com/security/ssl-certificates.aspx
  3. Install your SSL certificate on your website’s hosting account, in most cases your hosting provider will do his for you.
  4. Make sure that all the website links are changed from http to https so they are not broken after the https switch,
  5. Set up 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS so that search engines are notified that your site’s addresses have changed and so that anyone who has bookmarked a page on your site is automatically redirected to the https address.


How To Keep Up To Date on Mortgage Website Technologies

The internet is rapidly evolving, getting bigger and smarter every day. More than just its infrastructure, everything about it is in a state of continuous change. More people joining it every day, new technologies coming up, it has become a global network of people, computers and other machines that is beginning to mediate all human interactions. All of this making it more challenging for developers and designers of mortgage websites as well the loan officers, mortgage agents, brokers, lenders…

Hundreds of thousands of blog posts and articles are published every day, there is no way you can read all of them to learn stuff which is important to you.

True, so what you do? How do you keep yourself updated on new technologies and tools related to residential, commercial and reverse mortgage websites?

As a mortgage professional you are only concerned about what’s really going to effect your niche. And how you can get the maximum out of those new trends to generate mortgage leads. So here is what you should do:

Make a list of top commercial mortgage websites. You may have to be a little careful here, there are companies with established names, they don’t have to have an updated website with all the latest bells and whistles. Look for the ones who are not big but competing with the big bad boys. These will show you what to do. There is no need to re-invent anything, they have already spent thousands of dollars to come up with a winning mortgage website marketing formula to generate leads 24/7, you just need to re-engineer it. Make sure you follow the blueprint and NOT copy stuff.

Once you have the list, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc…) and piggyback their methods to stay ahead of the game.

Follow the same steps for residential mortgage websites, reverse mortgage websites and mortgage landing pages.

New Commercial Mortgage Website Templates & Designs

Over the past seven years at iReadySites, we’ve always kept our mortgage websites up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. So once again looking at the popular demands and market requirements, we are presenting four new state of the art, ultra fast and clean designs focused towards hard money/private money lenders and loan officers.

Visit commercial mortgage website templates and demo page to see them in action.

Enjoy these templates!


Commercial Mortgage FAQs

What is the best price for a pro. com’l website template? i just need a template.

If the above question means, you already have a website (with contents and forms/applications) and just need a design to implement, then first we’ll need to look at your website before giving a realistic time and cost quote.

But if you need a complete commercial mortgage website then the cost is US $ 197 for Pro and US $ 397 for Premium.

So, i have to host with you?

Whether you purchase a pre-designed website from us or we just give a new look to your existing website, you don’t need to host with us. In fact we don’t offer hosting at all, you’ll need your own hosting and we’ll install the website there.

Do u sell the templates for me to use as I wish?

We sell pre-designed websites not templates like what you see on www.template******.com What we provide to commercial mortgage professionals is shown here ( demo site ): Commercial Mortgage Website Demo

And what you see in the above demo site is available in following designs Commercial Mortgage Website Templates

Is your template usable for dynamic, word press type site?

No they are not word press compatible.

They don’t come in graphic formats like PSD etc, so I am afraid your web co won’t be able to use it for your WordPress website.

When you purchase a template from us, you are actually purchasing a complete website with contents, online forms and applications (not just a design as you get on sites like template*******.com).

Mortgage Web Site Provider

We just got few more new mortgage website clients because their website renewal was coming up and they were not ready to pay for an old design and obsolete system. You know technology has gone far ahead and if your business is still on old wheels, this can reflect badly on you and your company.

People know the new trends and they like to have that reflected from the mortgage company website they are dealing with. And it’s far less in cost. No monthly, no recurring, no contracts.

So why to wait? Get your residential or commercial mortgage website live with iReadySites.com. It’s just a matter of few hours to own a complete content filled functional web site.

Is it Time to Redesign Your Mortgage Broker Website?

Is Your Website Doing It’s Job? It’s easy to become complacent with your residential or commercial mortgage broker website, but just because you have one doesn’t necessarily mean it‘s working as well as it could be. To actually benefit your business, your site needs to be well developed. Your website is your window to the world. It is the single largest, most important piece of your advertising, or it should be, and pathway to the millions and millions of loan shoppers who are on the internet each and every day looking for all kind of loans. Anyway coming back to the topic, you have a website, but how do you know when it’s time to consider a redesign? Here are some things you should take a look at:

  1. Is your website generating leads? Is it currently serving that purpose? Is it generating enough mortgage leads? If not, it might be time to hire a professional web design company that specializes in residential and commercial mortgage broker website design. If people are finding your site, but aren’t converting into leads, it’s possible that your current website structure is driving them away. Or may be the contents are not in-line with your company goals. Whatever the case, a carefully crafted website can be an integral part of boosting your sales. Web technology is advancing at the speed of light and if you have a website that is even a couple years old, it’s to your advantage to have a new broker website created to take full advantage of the newest technologies.
  2. Is it driving enough targeted traffic? If your target market can’t find you on search engines quickly-without sorting through pages of search results-your site will not convert. And it’s not enough that people who already know your business name can find you. If you have a product or service that you want new traffic for, it is imperative to have a website that will appear on page one (if not in the top 3) for the most popular search terms people use to find you.
  3. Is your website easy to navigate? If your website has several mortgage sections for visitors to navigate, is it clear what those areas are and how to get there?
  4. Does your site slow to load? Website load times have been identified as a crucial factor to measure the performance of a broker website. With the information deluge on the Internet, user’s patience levels have been continuously decreasing. User patience levels have been constantly decreasing over the years.A study by Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah in the University of Nebraska said that tolerable wait times have decreased to just two seconds.
  5. There’s no clear call to action Search engines love you. Your web site is on page 1 on Google. You’ve done your home work right, and your site clearly speaks to each type of customer. They can find information quickly. Your content addresses where they are in the buying process. So, do they know how to buy your products? Or are they able to quickly and easily request more information?
    Your call-to-action-closing the sale or capturing the lead -is a simple, but often overlooked component. The call-to-action must be visible and relevant. They may just want to sign up for your newsletter. So your appropriate call-to-action for that page should be right there, they shouldn’t have to sort through pages.

iReadySites has served hundreds of mortgage brokers and loan officers with professionally designed web sites to attract and engage new prospects.

If you are considering an upgrade to your current site or need help to improve your site’s performance, we can help. Contact us today for a free mortgage web site analysis.

Best Mortgage Website Design

It’s our commitment to provide you with the best mortgage website design, in pursuance we have designed the top Mortgage web site templates for commercial mortgage websites.

For a complete list please visit commercial mortgage website templates.

These are not just great template designs, these are rather complete web sites. And every site has following features:

Quick Loan Quote.
Apartment Loan Application.
Property Types.
About Commercial Loan Programs.
Loan Tips & Products.
Commercial Financial Statements.
Online Resources.
Hard Money Loans.
Loan Knowledge Base.

If you are in the middle of your research for the launch of a new mortgage website, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide pre-build and custom mortgage marketing solution for mortgage brokers and loan officers. We offer the most comprehensive feature-set that automates your business at the very affordable price.

Why Choose iReadySites For Loan Origination

As the internet continues to grow at a rapid pace than ever and becoming further accessible to all individuals consequently, the majority of businesses and their information are obtained over the internet, having a legit and professionally made website is almost inevitable for any and all business.  In this day and age a business is exclusively judged by its website and online presence.  The days of the Yellow Pages are emphatically concluded as we usher into the age of e-information and e-commerce; therefore, one must adapt to innovative and brilliant way of obtaining information and conducting business over the internet.  Recent study shows 81.3% of the business inquires are made through the internet.

Last year 71% of the home-owners inquire about the mortgage interest rates over the internet.  Home-owners belong to working class and therefore have no time what so ever to go through the referrals and yellow pages, however, they have unlimited access to the internet and therefore have the means to inquires about every element of mortgages and home buying process through the internet.

But having an internet presence and maintaining a mortgage website is expensive, time-consuming and troublesome task even for computer-savvy business owners. iReadySites takes out the trouble and expensive development fees so that businesses can focus more on their main objective, selling.

Benefits of having a website.

A website is a presentation tool used by many people for a variety of useful tasks including:

  • Providing support to your clients by providing mortgage and loan educator and online submission of loan application.
  • Online loan application submission speed up the loan process by weeks and provide mortgage companies vital information in a split of a second.
  • Online documentation and mortgage calculators for clients and mortgage officers to calculate the mortgage payments and amortization tables.
  • Providing press releases about your company. The first place people usually expect that information (especially clients) would be from the company’s website.
  • Selling variety of loan programs online which are other wise not available to home-owners.
  • To help increase your name recognition, while at the same time increasing sales with low overhead.
  • Legitimize your business and your online presence and become accessible to millions of clients over night.
  • Receiving feedback and comments from your users. The easiest way for people to submit comments is through a website. No paper or postage is necessary.
  • To teach people over the Internet. The Internet is a great educational tool, allowing clients to retrieve the latest mortgage and loan information.

Commercial Mortgage Website Demo

Hi all,

Today, we have launched a demo website for mortgage professionals dealing in commercial loan products. The site has over 40 pages of comprehensive mortgage material including 5 online loan applications. Click the link below to launch demo web site:

Commercial Website Template Design


Have fun testing new demo and lets us know about your experience