Effective Website Design

You must have heard this a million times “your website design is the most critical component when you consider how you engage your customers”. Many independent research sources clearly indicate that at least 84% of consumers check out companies online before purchasing a product or service. There are billions of websites on the Internet. Each of them has some sort of web site design but few are those which are styled in a way that impresses their visitors, offers them convenient navigation and makes them come back again. Therefore it can not be left at merely some guess work or in the hands of starters.

A successful website is one that helps you meet your business goals!

Do you want your website to help you grow your business?

And it won’t be a wrong to say that a large majority of consumers will absolutely buy from the company with the better website. Recently a client of iReadySites shared after we re-designed their web site they never get people questioning negative about the product they offer and overall business naturally thrived. A professional website will do that for any business, guaranteed.

So why have a web site that is less than effective at creating new customers?

Check this interesting and very important tool Google Instant Preview! If you haven’t noticed you can preview, using the magnifying glass icon, a website link with a visual thumbnail prior to clicking a link in your Google search results. Naturally this perfect for a “want it now” society. We all want things delivered faster and Google has made searching for the reputable company faster. You will no longer need to load a website and then close it once you realize you have landed on a bad looking website that you assume lacks a strong reputation.

Potential customers might never get to read what your website has to offer if the page looks so poor that it is never clicked on.

This without a doubt makes a strong visual first impression, your web design, a requirement more than ever.

So please take some time look at the rest of our site, get a feel for what we can deliver, and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Google’s Instant Search – Any Effect on SEO?

Google Instant! It’s a change that feels so delicate, and honestly quit difficult to analyze or describe right away. A big lot is even unable to notice it’s happening – Google Instant tries to show search results before you can finish typing them. Many people are asking what’s this? What’s in it for Google? Will it effect Search Engine Optimization? And many are facing errors and issues since it’s launch.

The good news is that the change doesn’t affect Google’s search algorithm in any way. If you were ranking good for “mortgage website design” before, your ranking isn’t in jeopardy. The real question is how this will affect users’ search habits. If they type in “mortgage” and Google offers instant results on “mortgage website design”, will your potential customers get distracted? Or will they continue on with their query as normal?

Only time will tell what this move proves to be, but right now, the gurus of search-engine optimization are struggling to figure out what effect Google Instant would have on their businesses.