Commercial Loan Modification Website

Q. I need details on how i could have an commercial loan modification website built.

Ans:We provide pre-designed and custom website solutions. Currently we have pre-designed residential and commercial mortgage websites. For other areas we do custom design and development including loan modification.

For a custom loan modification website, you can choose any existing design ( Mortgage Templates) and we’ll modify it as per your needs. Or we can design a totally new layout for your website.

Your loan modification website will have following pages with default contents:

  1. 30 web pages filled with information about mortgage and especially related to loan modification. Main purpose of these pages is to get you on the search engines.
  2. 8 pages related to your business/company (i.e. About Company, Why Choose Us, Our Staff, Our Location, Contact Page, Jobs, Privacy Policy, Terms)
  3. Loan Modification Application
  4. Contact Us Form
  5. Loan Modification Advisor Request Form
  6. Online content management system to add, edit and delete unlimited web pages.
  7. Back-end database to store leads and contact us submissions.
  8. Cost: $497
  9. Development Time: 10 Working Days

We also offer a 60 Days Free Content Update Service. For 60 days after the signup, we’ll update contents (i.e. text and images) on as many pages as needed. Though we would need the contents in digital format (e.g. text in .doc format and images in .psd, .gif, .jpg or .png format).

You’ll need your own hosting, any shared hosting with the following will serve the purpose :

  • PHP 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL 4.1.2 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • Basic PHP Email Functions enabled
  • PHP Short Tags enabled
  • bas64() function enabled

Design your own loan modification web site

Creating a loan modification web site that ranks top on the first page of the search engines and drives in lots of traffic takes as much time and money as creating an unsuccessful website.

Mortgage professionals sometimes start creating a web site without defining a clear plan or having a vision of what they want the site to achieve. if you’re going to have a web site just stop for a moment and think, take some time to brainstorm it through thoroughly before you actually start building a loan modification web site. It takes less efforts and time (and of course money) to do it right first time round than having to go back and fix problems with your site after it is finished.

There are many things that must be considered when planning a website. The sites intent or purpose must be considered as well as the sites targeted audience, content structure and many aspects of design compatibility. The site must be compatible to computer operating platforms and the abilities and tastes of the intended audience. You should then create a statement that clarifies the purpose of the site and what visitors may expect to achieve from the site.

The few hours or so that you spend thinking and brainstorming in planning your loan modification website content and site design will determine exactly how big your success will be, most people will fail in business because they don’t plan adequately so invest the time now to minimize your losses from the start and maximize your returns for the future.