How To Keep Up To Date on Mortgage Website Technologies

The internet is rapidly evolving, getting bigger and smarter every day. More than just its infrastructure, everything about it is in a state of continuous change. More people joining it every day, new technologies coming up, it has become a global network of people, computers and other machines that is beginning to mediate all human interactions. All of this making it more challenging for developers and designers of mortgage websites as well the loan officers, mortgage agents, brokers, lenders…

Hundreds of thousands of blog posts and articles are published every day, there is no way you can read all of them to learn stuff which is important to you.

True, so what you do? How do you keep yourself updated on new technologies and tools related to residential, commercial and reverse mortgage websites?

As a mortgage professional you are only concerned about what’s really going to effect your niche. And how you can get the maximum out of those new trends to generate mortgage leads. So here is what you should do:

Make a list of top commercial mortgage websites. You may have to be a little careful here, there are companies with established names, they don’t have to have an updated website with all the latest bells and whistles. Look for the ones who are not big but competing with the big bad boys. These will show you what to do. There is no need to re-invent anything, they have already spent thousands of dollars to come up with a winning mortgage website marketing formula to generate leads 24/7, you just need to re-engineer it. Make sure you follow the blueprint and NOT copy stuff.

Once you have the list, follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc…) and piggyback their methods to stay ahead of the game.

Follow the same steps for residential mortgage websites, reverse mortgage websites and mortgage landing pages.

Mortgage Broker Website Design With Custom CMS

We provide you an instant ready to go professional website- No programmer or programming skills required.

We provide mortgage broker websites build on a custom Content Management System (CMS), designed and developed exclusively for mortgage industry professionals. This means you can manage the site for yourself, without having to pay a programmer or designer for every little tweak or update.

You don’t have to design your website from scratch, write hundreds of pages with quality content and code to capture mortgage leads. In-fact without even lifting a finger, you’ll have a nice-looking (and highly functional) mobile friendly mortgage broker website filled with pages on everything related to mortgages and loans.

Mortgage Broker Website Design Built On Custom Conent Management System (CMS)

We all know WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. You can use free themes with bunch of plugins to build your mortgage website. But if you go for a custom WordPress solution (which may involve new custom theme and/or plugins), things will change dramatically.

Whenever WordPress updates itself, your theme and plugins need to be checked and updated for compatibility. Basically, the site will then be at the mercy of the programmer who wrote the theme or plugin. If this happens when your programmer is on holidays, you may end up with a broken website for days.

And this can go really expensive too. To ensure your WordPress based mortgage website is properly designed and always active, you’ll have to spend several thousands of dollars. Also, with the countless WordPress updates being rolled out regularly it’s only a matter of time before you start having issues with your “outdated” design and you’ll often have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to ensure your WordPress website is active again.

That is why we’ve developed this custom CMS just for mortgage professionals. You’ll never have to worry about an update or what will happen if your programmer runs away. Our solution gives you the peace of mind, you get the best of both worlds. You can have “well designed” web pages like a traditional website, along with a blog section where you can publish new articles as often as you like.

Update Your Website Quickly & Easily

Most of mortgage professionals like to have the ability to easily customize and update their own website content. For instance, they might want to update loan types and programs pages, or add new pages about their recent closings and on new mortgage updates. Our CMS is ideally suited for this purpose. iReadySites’s CMS is a simple system to operate. You hardly need to spend time learning the system before you can begin to work with and edit the site content.

The system is made for the mortgage brokers, lenders and loan officers, so the admin interface is convenient and friendly towards non-professionals within technology.

Save Money

It gives you the ability to update your own site as and when needed, without having to pay a web designer for every little change you want to make. Adding new pages, text, images, etc. on a regular basis is a breeze and can be done quickly. No longer do you need to send the most basic text changes to your designer or even have your designer add new pages for you. Make the updates yourself whenever you want and save the money for more important things by adding new content on your own.


Is it Time to Redesign Your Mortgage Broker Website?

Is Your Website Doing It’s Job? It’s easy to become complacent with your residential or commercial mortgage broker website, but just because you have one doesn’t necessarily mean it‘s working as well as it could be. To actually benefit your business, your site needs to be well developed. Your website is your window to the world. It is the single largest, most important piece of your advertising, or it should be, and pathway to the millions and millions of loan shoppers who are on the internet each and every day looking for all kind of loans. Anyway coming back to the topic, you have a website, but how do you know when it’s time to consider a redesign? Here are some things you should take a look at:

  1. Is your website generating leads? Is it currently serving that purpose? Is it generating enough mortgage leads? If not, it might be time to hire a professional web design company that specializes in residential and commercial mortgage broker website design. If people are finding your site, but aren’t converting into leads, it’s possible that your current website structure is driving them away. Or may be the contents are not in-line with your company goals. Whatever the case, a carefully crafted website can be an integral part of boosting your sales. Web technology is advancing at the speed of light and if you have a website that is even a couple years old, it’s to your advantage to have a new broker website created to take full advantage of the newest technologies.
  2. Is it driving enough targeted traffic? If your target market can’t find you on search engines quickly-without sorting through pages of search results-your site will not convert. And it’s not enough that people who already know your business name can find you. If you have a product or service that you want new traffic for, it is imperative to have a website that will appear on page one (if not in the top 3) for the most popular search terms people use to find you.
  3. Is your website easy to navigate? If your website has several mortgage sections for visitors to navigate, is it clear what those areas are and how to get there?
  4. Does your site slow to load? Website load times have been identified as a crucial factor to measure the performance of a broker website. With the information deluge on the Internet, user’s patience levels have been continuously decreasing. User patience levels have been constantly decreasing over the years.A study by Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah in the University of Nebraska said that tolerable wait times have decreased to just two seconds.
  5. There’s no clear call to action Search engines love you. Your web site is on page 1 on Google. You’ve done your home work right, and your site clearly speaks to each type of customer. They can find information quickly. Your content addresses where they are in the buying process. So, do they know how to buy your products? Or are they able to quickly and easily request more information?
    Your call-to-action-closing the sale or capturing the lead -is a simple, but often overlooked component. The call-to-action must be visible and relevant. They may just want to sign up for your newsletter. So your appropriate call-to-action for that page should be right there, they shouldn’t have to sort through pages.

iReadySites has served hundreds of mortgage brokers and loan officers with professionally designed web sites to attract and engage new prospects.

If you are considering an upgrade to your current site or need help to improve your site’s performance, we can help. Contact us today for a free mortgage web site analysis.

Mortgage Web Site Design & Mortgage Broker Web Sites

Are you looking for a ready-to-go mortgage web site design?

Or do you want to hire a professional company to develop your own mortgage broker web site from scratch?

We offer both pre-designed and custom sites. There are literally hundreds of companies and designers that offer mortgage web sites. Some are very expensive, and few are very cheap.

If you buy your own mortgage web site template from a generic template provider, you sometime pay as low as $19. But all you get is a few pages site with no contents and necessary features like online applications, mortgage educators and financial calculators.

On the other hand if you can afford, you can pay several thousand dollars to have some company or an individual designer to do a custom mortgage web site design as per your needs. Or to have someone to build mortgage web site for you. In this case you will pay every time you want to update something. Unless you have your own website editing software and enough HTML, CSS, JavaScript and sometimes even PHP expertise to do it at your own. (The programming/scripting languages most mortgage broker web sites are written in.)

Another easy option is to contract with one of the companies that provide turn key mortgage web sites on lease. The initial cost is quit low, some times just under $100, but you end up paying unlimited amount as monthly fee down the line for your mortgage broker web site. On top of that they may charge you hundreds of dollars for making few small changes. But still, you won’t be able to generate traffic, key to lead generation. Most of the mortgage web site companies do not assist or provide tools to get online visitors to your mortgage web site. All they do is provide a template design and host the site on their computers.

So here are few things to consider before you get a site, it should:

  • be affordable.
  • pay for itself in less than one loan
  • allow to add, update, and delete unlimited web pages.
  • have content management system (something close to WordPress?)
  • allow visitors fill out pre-qualification, and complete loan applications on the site.
  • have lead management facilities, i..e I should be able to search, view, print and download submitted leads easily.
  • have mortgage educators for my online visitors.
  • let me make changes to the site for search engine optimization.
  • have mortgage calculators to assist loan shoppers.
  • be hosted on my own servers, so that I can have full control over my contents. And if the solution provider goes out of business my website should not go down with them.

My mortgage site solution provider should have a great friendly customer support.

And How About Paying A Low One Time Fee. No Monthly, No Recurring.

This is where we come in, please check mortgage broker web site features we offer.

Mortgage Educators

Present your website visitors with the most up-to-date mortgage educators. Our research team has spent countless hours to create comprehensive learning material for online loan shoppers coming to your mortgage website. These educators presents the most complex concepts in easy to understand manner. Idea is to help your potential clients in better understanding of residential / commercial mortgage and related concepts.

iReadySites mortgage website comes with rich contents to win confidence of your online visitors.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Main Loan Types
  • Loan Programs
  • FICO & Credit Scores
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Loan Process for Homeowners & Lenders
  • Mortgage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Mortgage Terminology Glossary
  • Apartment Loans
  • FHA 221 & 223 (f)
  • Foreclosure Bailout Mortgage
  • Equipment Financing
  • Conventional
  • Bonds
  • Accounts Receiv Factoring
  • Buying a Business
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Bridge
  • Property Types
  • Commercial Underwriting Guidelines
  • FICO & Credit Scores
  • Understanding Commercial Business Financial Balance Statements
  • Commercial Business Mortgage Credit
  • Initial list of documents required for pre and full loan approval.
  • Mortgage Glossary
  • Real Estate Glossary

Custom Mortgage Broker Website

iReadySites now provides mortgage specific marketing tools. It’ a totally new custom mortgage marketing solution for loan officers, brokers and lenders. This system focuses on having a auto driven lead capture mortgage website. It has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which is built around the needs of a mortgage websites. Loan officers and brokers can utilize this solution to obtain more leads online and convert more business.

Unlike some other general CRM systems (e.g. Joomla, WordPress), our mortgage specific system has the tools that enables you get in contact with your clients in a timely manner ultimately helps in building the trust you need to close more leads.

Some of the key features include:

  • Step by Step online 1003 application with client panel to complete loan application in parts.
  • Ability to print and download 1003 in csv format (for LOS import)
  • Add unlimited loan officers pages/profiles
  • Loan Officer panel to control 1003 loan application related to them directly.
  • An Admin Panel to manage leads and website contents.
  • There is lot more, please ask for a demo here.

It’s time to get real mortgage marketing tools that will allow you to meet your sales targets. We offer a complete line of internet marketing services including: website design, logo design, search engine optimization, customer relationship management (CRM), pre-built and custom website solutions and more!

Professional Web Designs for Mortgage Brokers

For every successful mortgage broker it’s almost a must to attract a rapid and steady flow of fresh clients. The Internet or web is at the moment the most powerful marketing tool. More and more mortgage brokers utilizing its power to enhance the success of their mortgage business. A content rich website with a professional web design is likely to dramatically increase internet traffic and the number of new customers.

The internet has changed the way the loan shopper review the services and facilities offered by mortgage companies. The web now offers people a method of shopping around for their mortgage needs from the comfort of their homes and/or office. The mortgage industry is very competitive and brokers must now realise that in order to achieve success it is now crucial to obtain a professional website design.

Advantages for Mortgage Brokers with professional web designs

  • It will provide a increased exposure through Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content.
  • It will reduce the  advertising costs and the reliance on costly newspapers and other media.
  • An appealing site will not only help attract new Customers but ensure that they stay interested.
  • The website can provide potential clients with information about the services provided by the mortgage broker as well as update existing Customers on any new developments.
  • A resourcefully designed website will be the mortgage brokers’ first point of contact with potential clients, thus enabling mortgage brokers to make a positive impression on clients even before meeting them.

iReadySites mortgage website templates are actually complete websites. They well presented contents instantly capture the attention of potential clients.  Now we are offering a total marketing solution to capture leads 24/7. Take a look at our mortgage website features.

Mortgage Broker Website

iReadySites’s custom mortgage broker website is a full featured and powerful marketing solution. It lets you launch your mortgage marketing website with a set of advanced tools. With our custom solution you can receive borrowers’ applications and loan requests, answer their questions online and provide them with the best customer service. High performance mortgage broker web sites with the tools and resources to attract new mortgage business.

Get the industry’s most advanced Lead Generating System. We offer one stop solution for all your Website needs, Online Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

We specialize in:

  • Residential Mortgage Websites
  • Commercial Mortgage Websites
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Corporate Websites

Start generating more leads with the online mortgage web site today. iReadySites will provide you with everything you need for better mortgage originating.

Contact us here for your custom mortgage broker lender website needs: