Online Reviews To Market Your Commercial Mortgage Website

The most effective way to market your commercial mortgage website is to use review sites to increase your ranking on the search engines. Most consumers today won’t even leave the house without first looking up a business’s online review. This simple yet free technique will increase your website’s chances by manifold to appear on the first page of google results (SERPs). Additionally reviews can be a great opportunity for you to obtain useful feedback from your users.


A review site is kind of a social website where the online community ranks the service that you provide. It is a website on which reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services. There are many review sites, some of the most highly-respected review sites are Facebook, Amazon, Angie’s List, Yelp and Google Places.

How Review Websites Work

Anyone can come to a review website and write a review. In most cases, customers are given broad guidelines for reviews, and asked to allocate a star rating for the product or service reviewed. The sites then use a complex algorithm on the back-end to post reviews after filtering out suspicious reviews.

When more than one review has been posted, the sites average the star ratings to give a business or product an overall rating. Reviewers who post a lot of reviews generally get a higher status, and their reviews are given more prominence.

Key Benefits Of Online Customer Reviews For Commercial Mortgage Websites

Studies by independent research groups like Forrester Research, comScore, The Kelsey Group, and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association show that rating and review sites influence consumer shopping behavior.[2] In an academic study published in 2008, empirical results demonstrated that the number of online user reviews is a good indicator of the intensity of underlying word-of-mouth effect and increase awareness.[3] In 2007 even large companies such as Best Buy and Walmart began to mention online reviews in television advertisements and on the back of receipts.

So here are some of benefits you’ll enjoy from online reviews of your commercial mortgage web site:

  1. Free Advertising
  2. Free High Quality Inbound Links
  3. Higher Ranking In Search Engine Results
  4. Positive Reviews Can Boost Confidence Of Potential Clients
  5. Constructive Criticism & Suggestions
  6. Personal Level Relationship With Customers

And finally to truly harness the power of reviews always respond to your mortgage business reviews, whether they are positive or negative.