Mortgage Website Packages – FAQs

Is the price for mortgage premium website $23/month or 35?

There are three options available for Premium package:

  • Annual: It’s $35 per month, but paid yearly i.e. 12 * 35 = $420
  • Biennial: This is $23 per month, paid every 2 years, i.e. 24 * 23 = $552
  • One Time Self Hosted: Here you pay a one time cost of $597. This suits client’s who already have hosting and don’t want to use our free hosting service.

More Mortgage Website FAQs

Q. Do you get paid commission from the site?

Ans: We provide websites to the mortgage professionals (loan officers, brokers and lenders….) and they use these to promote their businesses and generate leads. No commission from our side to anyone.

Q. Do you have the ability to make one of the website tabs a designated real estate page since Im a Real estate broker too?

Ans: Yes, we can make a an additional tab/menu, if you provide the contents and there is space available on top. Or we may have to remove/adjust existing menus.

Q. Can I add YouTube to your mortgage web sites?

Ans: If you choose Premium package you can insert any HTML code (including the code to show YouTube videos).

Q. After the design is done, can I make minor changes on it in the future myself?

Ans: Yes, if you choose Premium Package you can make the changes using the online web editor that comes with the website.

Q. Do you have a template for a combined residential/commercial mortgage site?

Ans: Currently we don’t have combo mortgage template/design.

If you are looking for a combo website (residential + commercial), you can choose any template (residential or commercial) and we’ll modify it to cater your needs. Or we can design a totally new template based on your input.

Cheap Mortgage Websites

Wanting a cheap mortgage website (or more rightly affordable mortgage web site) is just fine. However, when looking for a low cost web presence, you don’t want to find cheap service instead! It’s our mission to offer high quality websites that anyone can afford.

We have best pre-designed websites created by professional web designers. This allows us to cut down on the initial cost which saves you money without sacrificing beautiful mortgage website design. We have website templates that can be used for residential, commercial, reverse, credit repair, loan origination and loan modification site.


  • Unique Website Design & Development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Logo Design & Brochure Design

It’s easy, fast and affordable with us to get a web design of supreme quality…

Free Mortgage Website

Free Mortgage Web Site and Template For Loan Officers, Loan Agents and Brokers

Search the Internet and you’ll find many companies offering mortgage web site and/or template without any charge to mortgage professionals.

Is it worth to have a free mortgage web site?

This kind of site solution is good for people who are new to to mortgage business and plan to get acquainted with online website functionality. And the biggest advantage is of course that your don’t have to pay anything and you can save that budget for other expenditures. This is great for starter loan officers. Now let’s look at some disadvantages:

  • A cookie cutter web design – Not good at all for a professional website.
  • Ads – Most free website provider one way or the other display advertising on your web pages. This is how they cover the cost and earn money.
  • Go out of business – If you are able to find a free web company that doesn’t display ads all over your page, chances are they’ll soon go out of business. I’ve heard lots of stories of free web solution providers going out of business (and taking their customers’ mortgage websites with them)
  • Free now, expensive soon – If the provider doesn’t go out of business, they could simply start charging you instead. And to save your free mortgage web site you’ll end up paying lot more than normal.
  • Zero Support – Free web site providers will often provide very little or no support at all. Support has it’s own expenses and if they are offering things in free, they have no budget to cover such costs.
  • Speed – Almost every free mortgage website is hosted on cheap hosting solutions with thousands of mortgage web sites on a single server. You know what the low bandwidth and slow hardware will do to your mortgage web site.

To avoid all the above disadvantages check our live online demos and mortgage web templates.

Our Mortgage Web Site Design is the best option for loan officers, mortgage brokers and lenders throughout United States. We offer turnkey, easy-to-use and low cost mortgage website templates available on the market today.

Highlights of our Affordable Mortgage Website:

  1. User Friendly and Easy to navigate
  2. Professional and Appealing
  3. Search Engine Friendly
  4. Corporate Branding
  5. Your own website No banners or popups
  6. Easier to get listed in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.)
  7. Plenty of web pages for site index
  8. No worries of site being removed unexpectedly
  9. More flexibility for design and functionality
  10. Support is readily available

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Mortgage Website Setup

Q. How fast can this be up and running?

Ans: You can have a Residential or Commercial mortgage website (Professional Package) up and running within 3 working hours after signup and our access to your hosting account. (If you have your domain registered and it’s already pointing to a hosting account. We would need access to your hosting account to upload website files and stuff. )

If you opt for Premium Package, we’ll have front end (what your visitors see) of your website
up and accessible to online visitors within 4 working hours after signup and our access to your hosting control panel. Admin Panel/Back Office would be functional within 2 working days.

Can a video be loaded on the home page?

Ans: Inserting video is just like making any other change on the web page. You can insert/load video on the home page. It’s important to note that video hosting usually consume a lot of bandwidth so you should have a strong hosting plan (depending on size and number of videos).

Loans Interactive Website Not Working

Today, our site got bombarded by ex-loansinteractive clients. All of them complaining that their loans interactive website and emails are not working.

With iReadySites:

You can have a Residential or Commercial website (Professional Package) up and running within 2 to 3 working hours after signup and access to your hosting. (If you have your domain registered and it’s already pointing to a hosting account. We would need access to your hosting account to upload website files and stuff. )

If you opt for Premium Package, we’ll have front end (what your visitors see) of your website up and running within 3 to 4 working hours after signup and access to your hosting (On some hosts database creation is not instant, in that case this may take couple of hours more than the usual time). Back Office would be functional within 2 working days.

We offer two type of packages/plans to both residential & commercial mortgage professionals.

Professional Package

  • Features are presented here for both residential and commercial plans
    ( ).
  • All the leads will go to your email inbox.
  • No Admin Panel/Back Office to manage leads and contents.
  • You would need some offline html editor (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver) to update website contents.
  • Though we offer our clients a FREE update service. If you want to change/update information on any of the company pages
    ( About Us | Our Advantage | Team | Contact Us | Resources | Privacy Policy | Jobs | Terms & Conditions) within 60 days of signup we do it absolutely free. All you need to do is to provide text and images for the above pages in digital format and we take care of the rest.

Premium Package

  • It has all the Professional Package (residential or commercial) features/forms
    plus an online Step-by-Step 1003 Loan Application.
  • All the leads go to database.
  • Ability to change/update website menu contents and colors
  • Ability to add/update unlimited website sub menus and pages
  • Ability to add/edit unlimited loan officers
  • 1003 Manager to search, view, print, edit and download submitted 1003 applications.
  • 1003 Control Panel for website visitors to complete 1003 in parts and print.
  • Lead Management section to manage all leads
  • Total SEO friendly URL structure (use of permalink like wordpress, etc)
  • In Short total control over your website.

Price Structure (a one time cost):

  1. Professional Package: US $ 197
  2. Premium Package: US $ 397

Hosting Requirements
With our solution, you’ll have a totally independent system residing on your own hosting account. We don’t offer hosting so any host with following will be fine:

  • PHP 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL 4.1.2 or great
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • Basic PHP Emails Functions enabled
  • PHP Short Tags enabled

For further details please visit Mortgage Broker Website Design.

TRUE Feature-Rich Mortgage Website

What is a TRUE Feature-Rich Mortgage Website?

Is it a website that offers unlimited features?

A true feature-rich mortgage website is a platform that can
act as a bridge
, creates exciting opportunities to
promote awareness, build sales, and grow your business. This
can only be achieved if your website fulfills the needs of
both, you and your clients/prospects. A person visiting your
site is looking for a loan (so the site must offer contents
to educate him). In case he wants to ask questions (there
has to be some kind of contact mechanism, both offline
and online – so the site must offer detailed contact information
including company pages). And finally if he/she wants to apply
or likes to have a quick quote. Your website must have
all applications and forms
available to serve him.

At iReadySites, our flexible design approach ensures that
we produce a mortgage website that exactly meets your business
needs (as explained above) and yet cost-effective.

Best Mortgage Website Design

It’s our commitment to provide you with the best mortgage website design, in pursuance we have designed the top Mortgage web site templates for commercial mortgage websites.

For a complete list please visit commercial mortgage website templates.

These are not just great template designs, these are rather complete web sites. And every site has following features:

Quick Loan Quote.
Apartment Loan Application.
Property Types.
About Commercial Loan Programs.
Loan Tips & Products.
Commercial Financial Statements.
Online Resources.
Hard Money Loans.
Loan Knowledge Base.

If you are in the middle of your research for the launch of a new mortgage website, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide pre-build and custom mortgage marketing solution for mortgage brokers and loan officers. We offer the most comprehensive feature-set that automates your business at the very affordable price.

Mortgage Website Design, Agent Websites, SEO

iReadySites provides Website Design, Website Marketing, and Website Optimization for Real Estate, Mortgage and other Business Professionals.

A well planned “client focused” mortgage broker website looks professional, establishes credibility, and provides updated information and resources a client needs to make an informed buying decision.

With iReadySites you get:

  1. Complete Loan Application (with and without co-borrower)
    This captures the most information and takes about 30 minutes to fill out this form.
  2. Short Loan Application (for purchase and refinance)
    This is a quick 10 minute loan application for potential clients who don’t want to fill out long forms.
  3. Prequalification Application
  4. Loan Advisor Request
  5. Mortgage Rate Alert
  6. Best Rate Quote Form
  7. Contact us/Callback Form
  8. Main Loan Types
  9. Loan Programs
  10. Credit Scores
  11. Bad Credit Loans
  12. Loan Process for Homeowners & Lenders
  13. Mortgage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  14. Mortgage Terminology Glossary